Chocolate Transfer Sheet with concentric white circles | Transfer para chocolate com multiplos circulos de cor branca

    Chocolate Transfer Sheet - White Circles - 1 sheet


    Use chocolate transfer sheet to create a coloured and texture chocolate decorations for truffles, cakes, pastries, ice cream and many other desserts.

    It is pretty easy to use and gives a finer look to your production.

    This chocolate transfer sheet is made from pure cocoa butter and FDA-approved food coloring.

    Package & Specifications:
    Package: 1 sheet
    Sheet dimensions: 30,5 x 45 cm (12" x 17 3/4")
    Storage conditions: product sensitive to high temperatures; store in a cool, dry and dark place

    Instructions to use the Transfer Sheet:
    1. Use the entire transfer sheet or cut the size you need;
    2. Spread out the melted chocolate over the transfer sheet or apply the pre-cut pieces onto your fresh dipped confections;
    3. Let the chocolate set at room temperature or about 20 min in the fridge;
    4. Once the chocolate is set, peel off the transfer sheet and it is ready!

    Note: The transfer sheets are made to be used with couverture chocolate (dark, milk or white). The result is not guaranteed when used with compound chocolate.

    Illustrative images. Technical product information it's manufacturer's/supplier's responsibility.

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